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Ribbon bookmark / bookplate combination?

I recently came up with an idea which involves adding a ribbon to a bookplate in such a way that it can slide through the plate, so that the ribbon can serve as an adjustible bookmark.

The reasons I’m writing this message are twofold:

a) I am wondering whether you've heard of this particular idea before — I’m trying to figure out whether or not it is new. I haven’t been able to find any references to it using Internet searches, but I must admit I’m somewhat surprised that I can’t find them. My surprise is because I have been making these bookmarks for my own use, and find them very useful and enjoyable. So, given their utility and simplicity, I would have guessed that someone, somewhere, might have published the idea before!

b) I am wondering what members of this forum think of the concept.

Here’s the idea. I take a 3M Post-It note, cut two slots in it, and put a ribbon through them. I then stick the Post-It onto the upper left corner of the inside back cover of the book. The ribbon can be used to mark the page. You can adjust the useful length of the ribbon by pulling it through the slots in the Post-It. The same bookmark can be used over and over in different books (of different sizes) because the Post-It is transferable, and the slots make the ribbon easy to adjust.

The Post-It can have a decoration and space for the owner’s name, like a traditional bookplate. And of course, it doesn’t have to be a Post-It, it can use a non-removable adhesive such as traditional bookplates do. But I find I like moving them to a new book when I finish reading one. Note, there are “full-adhesive” Post-Its which have adhesive covering their back sides; these are preferable to standard Post-Its.

There are some details for making these bookmarks perform well, such as putting a piece of tape on the back of the Post-It between the two slots so that the ribbon slides easily, and folding the end(s) of the ribbon so that it doesn’t easily slide out.

I’d be very grateful for any feedback anyone might care to give me, particularly regarding the two questions I ask above!

As an aside, I love the many gorgeous bookplates I'm seeing on this web site, which I only discovered today!