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Ever design a bookplate?  Paste one into your books?  Thinking about personal marks of ownership?  Time to get acquainted! For nearly a century, the American Society of Bookplate Collectors & Designers (ASBC&D) unites "ex libris" artists and collectors.

Our international network provides the highest visibility for your artwork and essays. Through publications, competitions, exhibitions, conferences, and the internet.  LOOK!

— James P Keenan,

Bookplate by Lionel Lindsay, Australia (1874-1961)

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Mr. Keenan, The reason that i am here is to join the Exlibris Artists society. At my application form i ve added several examples of my works. I am hoping to get a feedback soon. Thank you for your kind interests.

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Thank you Ibrahim!

Very fine examples.  I hope that we can develop a story about you and your work for our Chronicle magazine audience.  AND the next directory. Online & "hard copy" exhibits. It will be an honor to present your work.  I did not open your text message yet, how many ex libris you have created?  Do you have an opuslist?

Please let's correspond to my email address at:

My best,  James


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