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Ex Libris Chronicle

The Ex Libris Chronicle: The International Collector is an illustrated newsletter that includes fine essays on the subject and featured artists from around the world. Notices of events, exhibitions, lectures, exchanges, collections for sale. A must for any artist or collector in this field. The Chronicle reaches artists and collectors in over 50 nations.
The Ex Libris Chronicle: The International Collector is available in e-format or printed for collectors. We always use archival quality papers for the printed edition.

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Ex Libris Exchange

Traditionally ex libris collections are not purchased, but are built through the “exchange” of duplicate prints. On our NEW page you may post your bookplates for exchange. NO ITEMS FOR SALE, PLEASE.

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Art of This Century Gallery

The Art of This Century Gallery is a compilation of ex libris artists from around the world. The gallery offers short biographies of the artists and images of their art.

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My Book

Ever design a bookplate? Paste one into your books? Thinking about personal marks of ownership? Time to get acquainted! For nearly a century, the American Society of Bookplate Collectors & Designers (ASBC&D) unites "ex libris" artists and collectors.
Our international network provides the highest visibility for your artwork and essays. Through publications, competitions, exhibitions, conferences, and the internet. LOOK!
— James P Keenan,